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Summer chess camp with swimming pool 2024

As we receive many friends form abroad in our summer chess camp, we have this info in english. But you can find all this info in Spanish and better detailed in this web pages about our summer camp.

Sports, chess and swimming pool

Summer CHESS camp and many more activities. Secure fun with sports activities, swimming pool, robotics… and of course chess. We’ll spend a few entertaining days in the campus of CMU Loyola and CMU Isabel de España, in Ciudad Universitaria. We are in Ciudad Universitaria (Moncloa district).

Dive into the world of chess! Discover other thrilling activities waiting for you at our camp.

Updated information for 2024 from 1 April 24′

We advise to see this same best explained information on the chess web, in this link. There, you may encounter this information presented differently so as to show different activities. This way, you can explore the information in detail about the workshops and activities.

Summer chess camp location in Ciudad Universitaria (Moncloa district)

In 2024 we will be in both major schools CMU Loyola and CMU Isabel de España, which are within walking distance. Precisely its about a 4 minute walk away. They will be separated by age groups and/or groups of friends. For some other activities and groups we use the CMU Méndel facilities. Furthermore, in all the buildings we have summer chess camp with pool every day.

distintos deportes y actividades en el campamento urbano - summer camp activitiespiscina del campamento de verano del club de ajedrez blanco y negro

Days, schedules and ages in our summer chess camp

From Monday, June 24th to Wednesday, July 31st, days of your choice, whatever suits you

  • Possible for individual or incomplete weeks, start and end day of your choice.
  • From ages 5 to 16 / various activities and groups, different buildings (*)

The summer camp is in the facilities of a major school, which has in its enclosure swimming pool, sports courts, activity rooms, cafeteria and dining hall. It’s a formidable place to be entertained during the months of June and July. We use the pool all days in the morning and in the afternoon. Swimming pool with lawn and garden around you, as you can see in the attached photographs or in the photo gallery.

We will have the opportunity to practice various sports, engage in chess sessions, and participate in workshops with other forms of entertainment. A portion of the time will be dedicated to chess, including games, exercises, explanations, and a mini-tournament. For those who don’t enjoy chess, there are plenty of alternatives such as robotics, comic-manga, or the crafts workshop.

FLEXIBILITY in our summer chess camp

Great flexibility in entry and exit hours, from 7:30 to 17:00 h.

Therefore there is no set time for entry, and you can arrive whenever you want. Sleep in a bit longer on certain days! You’re not required to arrive precisely at 9:00 am. Instead, our entrance schedule offers flexibility.

Consult the table with different options, prices, and schedules. There is the possibility of staying for breakfast and lunch right there, and there is a snack for those leaving in the afternoon.

You can make changes from one day to another with meals, for example, or with breakfast.


You will have access to the menu for each week. Additionally, you’ll have the possibility to accommodate any particularities such as allergies or intolerances, vegetarian menu, Muslim menu, etc. Lunch is about 13:40 h.

MORE INFORMATION about our summer chess camp

You may encounter this information presented differently, possibly with better organization based on various activities. From the chess page you can also access the automatic price calculator, send the registration, etc. Here you can find some photos.

You can write your opinion or seek the opinion of other people in google or esopinions and other media. Most attendees repeat year after year. Additionally, camp monitors are university students who were previously students in the summer camp.

Manga comic book workshops, craft workshops

Here you’ll find all the information about the comic workshop. All details are provided there, but additionally, feel free to ask any questions you may have. We offer drawing sessions in comic manga, Japanese style. As an alternative, we can draw in the Spanish classical comic style as a tribute to Ibáñez’s comics. Moreover, you have the option to enroll in all the other activities available at our summer chess camp.

Robotics workshops in June and July

  • Only robotics workshop or robotics workshop plus camp.

  • This activity is possible for the entire week or individual days.

Detailed robotics workshops information in this link.

Activities in the robotics workshops
We will use LEGO kits, microbit and other entertaining robotics kits, every day we will do different assemblies and programming. Video game programming, dodging obstacles, following lines, sumo struggles, racing, building a motion sensor… Various challenges that certainly will captivate the students.

You can participate in the summer camp activities along with the robotics workshop, or solely join the workshop from 10:00 to 12:10 h. Flexibility in days and times. Ask us if you need individual days or any other option.

Organizer: RBTK

Gifted children, among others

Chess and robotics are stimulating for gifted children

We would love to welcome you to our urban camp, ideal for children with high abilities and intellectual curiosity. Our camp offers a unique blend of educational and recreational activities, providing an enriching and rewarding experience for young minds. It’s an ideal place for gifted children and anyone else who enjoys challenges and stimulation.

summer camp at Loyola hall
summer camp at Loyola hall