Gifted children summer camp

Summer Camp for Gifted Children. Welcome to our urban camp, specially designed for children with high abilities and intellectual curiosity. A camp where kids can share their time with friends who have similar interests. This is not only a chess camp; we have chess among many other activities, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for all participants.


Summer Chess Camp

Welcome to our urban camp, ideal for children with high abilities and intellectual curiosity. Our camp offers a unique combination of educational and recreational activities, providing a rich and rewarding experience for young minds. With a focus on developing skills in chess, sports, robotics, and other engaging activities, our camp creates a supportive environment where children can learn and socialize with friends who share their passion for knowledge and exploration.


Our camp is the perfect place to meet the needs of intellectually advanced children. Therefore, it provides them with opportunities to delve into topics that captivate their interest and challenge their intellect. From mastering chess strategies to experimenting with robotics and tackling the complexities of the Rubik’s Cube, they will spend this leisure time with friends who have the same interests.


Through the game of chess, children can enhance their cognitive skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities. Many of our gifted students enjoy chess as a sport, game, and entertainment. Our camp offers expert guidance and interactive sessions to help young chess enthusiasts improve their skills and connect with peers who share their passion for the game.


Of course not! It is a camp with chess, among other activities. It is a camp with many different activities, and everyone finds the moment they enjoy the most.

However, despite the wide range of activities offered, many families express concern, fearing that this camp focuses solely on chess. Nonetheless, their children may not know how to play chess. But this concern is unfounded! We want to reassure families that lack of chess skills is not an issue at all. In fact, we embrace diversity and skill levels, welcoming both beginners and advanced players alike. Furthermore, we are excited to share that our camp provides instruction for those just starting out, as well as those already competing in official tournaments. Additionally, we extend a warm invitation to federated players and those with rankings to join us for an enriching and inclusive experience.


This campus brings together many gifted students, but also many others. Obviously talented boys are all for chess, robotics, and video game programming, which is why we count on many talented boys in our camp.

We welcome all students, regardless of their abilities. We recognize that chess is not only a game but also a powerful tool for cognitive and emotional development. Therefore, we strive to provide an inclusive environment where every student can thrive and develop their unique skills. Chess, in particular, offers significant benefits for those with attention deficit, enhancing their concentration and planning skills. We are committed to providing all our students with the individualized attention they need to reach their full potential, because we believe in their ability to succeed and flourish in our camp.


While we aim to foster critical thinking and intellectual skills, our campus is designed to promote social interaction and relationships among attendees. We certainly want to create a pleasant environment where personal relationships are more important than intellectual achievements. This is a summer camp, not school!

Our camp provides a supportive and inclusive environment where children can form friendships based on shared interests and mutual curiosity. So, by interacting with peers who have similar intellectual abilities, attendees can feel understood and appreciated, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.


Our robotics workshops offer a learning experience where children can explore the fundamentals of programming, engineering, and design. By engaging in hands-on projects, they can unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills while gaining practical knowledge about programming. Additionally, through teamwork and innovation, students can build and program their own robots with fun and motivating activities.


In conclusion, our camp for gifted children offers a comprehensive and engaging experience that combines intellectual stimulation, recreational satisfaction, and social connection. Furthermore, through a variety of activities and constant support, our goal is to cultivate each child’s unique potential, empowering them to embrace their talents and pursue their passions with confidence and enthusiasm.


Swimming pool in our summer chess camp, interesting place for gifted children

Urban Camp for Gifted Children with Pool at CMU Loyola

Urban camp from June 24th to July 31st, 2024

Guaranteed fun with sports activities, daily pool, workshops, ping pong… and of course, chess.


Here is just a brief summary. Moreover, you want to see the full summer camp information at this link.



We are in Ciudad Universitaria, at various residential colleges. CMU LOYOLA is located on Avenida de Juan XXIII.


Given that students aged 5 to 16, there are different attractive activities for each age group.

Activities at the summer camp

We have chess, sports, daily pool, robotics, Rubik’s Cube, comics (manga and Spanish comics), crafts…

Dates, schedules, and typical day: flexibility

Until July 31st, from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Nevertheless, with all possibilities of intermediate schedules. By days, weeks, or as long as you need. At this link, you have an explanation with photos of what activities are done at different times in the urban camp.

We aim to offer all the possible flexibility, acknowledging that the needs of each family are different. Therefore, we adapt to many of the requests made by families. Feel free to share any needs you may have. Certainly, we will be delighted to address them.


Here you can make a personalized calculation of your budget and start pre-registration.


See all pictures at any of our galleries. You have this link to see some photos. But you can find many other photos all over the website and the chess website.

summer camp at Loyola hall

Sports, fun and chess in Madrid

Welcome to Blanco y Negro Chess Club’s Summer Chess Camp in Madrid

At Blanco y Negro Chess Club, we’re thrilled to invite you to our Summer Chess Camp in Madrid! We are Located at CMU Loyola Hall, University City, Moncloa district. Thus our camp promises an unforgettable experience filled with chess excitement and learning.

Sports, swimming pool and chess. This is great! You don’t know how fun it is to play some chess games on the grass by the poolside. Right as you come out of the water, you have a quick game. Afterward, at the perfect moment, you dive back into the water.

Experience the Vibrant Atmosphere in our summer chess camp

Step into the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of our camp, where chess enthusiasts of all levels come together to learn, play, and have fun. Our camp fosters a sense of camaraderie and excitement, therefore making it the perfect place to spend your summer.

summer camp at Loyola hall

Expert Instruction from masters and the best teachers

With our experienced instructors leading the way, our camp provides daily lessons, puzzles, and play sessions. So we adjust these activities to match each student’s skill level and goals. Whether you’re new to chess or looking to improve, our instructors are here to help you every step of the way.

Building a Strong Foundation in Chess

Even though our teachers and instructors are skilled players with plenty of experience, at our summer camp, we focus on friendship, fun, and spending time with other chess enthusiasts. At Blanco y Negro Chess Club’s Summer Camp, we concentrate on laying a strong foundation in chess basics. Openings and endings, midlegame and master games.

Supportive Environment for Novice Players

For novice players, our camp provides a supportive environment where they can learn the basics of the game in a fun and engaging way. Our instructors offer patient guidance and encouragement as students develop their skills and confidence on the chessboard. Thus, learning chess becomes enjoyable and motivating.

Exciting Activities Beyond Chess

In addition to chess instruction, our camp offers a variety of exciting activities to keep participants entertained throughout the day. Whether it’s sports, robotics, or outdoor playtime, there’s always something new and exciting to explore at Blanco y Negro Chess Club’s Summer Chess Camp.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Summer Chess Camp

Embark on an exciting chess adventure with us this summer! Register now to secure your spot at Blanco y Negro Chess Club’s Summer Chess Camp and make memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to welcome you to the world of chess in Madrid!

swimming pool at Loyola

playing chess at summer chess camp

Here you can find some pictures, so as to see how fun chess can be. Moreover, this is the perfect place for a summer chess camp with fun, sports, and a lot of things to do. The camp offers a unique blend of activities, allowing participants to enjoy not only intense chess matches but also swimming, outdoor games, and social events. Additionally, it’s an ideal setting for both beginners and experienced players to improve their skills while making new friends and enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Furthermore, the combination of structured chess lessons and free time ensures that everyone has a memorable and enjoyable experience.